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Partnerships & Technologies available for license
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1. Antiangiogenic method of treating early stage breast cancer

Our research at Harvard Medical School strongly suggests that breast cancer growth includes periods of dormancy and surgery to remove a primary tumor often induces growth of dormant micrometastases. Assuming this is true, what is the best way to treat early stage breast cancer? As described in the document below, we propose a new method of treating early stage breast cancer that stabilizes and retains tumor dormancy. This treatment conceivably would be less toxic and more effective than conventional chemotherapy. It takes full advantage of early detection. The antiangiogenic method was discussed with the late Judah Folkman and he highly encouraged us to pursue it. The idea is at a preclinical stage and needs to be studied and tested. and published.

2. Improved method to deflect a charged particle stream with an electric field. This is a solution to a 100- year old problem.

There are thousands of instruments and devices that use charged particle streams. In most of those devices, the stream is deflected as part of the operation. Three of our patents describe an improved method of deflecting a charged particle stream with electric fields. This general purpose method may be useful to improve operation and reduce energy consumption in any device that uses charged particle streams.

As an example, in inkjet printing, electric field deflection is often used to selectively direct ink droplets to either the target medium or to a gutter for recyling. Some improvements in inkjet devices are possible using ELOPT's deflection technology. A paper was in September 2008.

Another application we are exploring is cell sorting with flow cytometry.  It is possible to improve collection efficiency and reduce fluid spray that can be a concern when dealing with hazardous material.


US Patents 5,825,123    6,232,709    6,614,151

3. Method to deactivate buried electronics – commonly used to trigger hidden explosives. This addresses a major problem in asymmetrical warfare.

  • Patent Pending
  • Presented at SPIE - Defense and Security - Orlando March 17, 2008 - figures follow:

4. New method for ballistic missile defense using an intense electron beam.

Patent was issued for a Star-Wars type of that was studied in the 1970s and then abandoned due to two supposedly unsolvable problems. The patent provides solutions to both problems.

770-789-5258 Press release (Reported in Connecticut Post October 31, 2007)

None of these technologies are encumbered by affiliation at Harvard Medical School