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  • Wall Street Journal
  • Int. Jour Surg . Does surgery induce angiogenesis in breast cancer?
  • Biomed Central Mastectomy may speed breast cancer recurrence in young women
  • http://www. childrenshospital . org/cfapps/research/data_admin/Site2276/mainpageS2276P0.html
  • Harvard Crimson :  Breast Cancer Surgery May do Harm
  • Boston Globe :  Risks seen in Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Science Daily :  New Clue To Racial Disparity In Breast Cancer Survival Rates
  • Web MD :  Surgery May Unleash Breast Cancer Growth
  • Children's Hospital Boston :  Breast cancer, angiogenesis and the mammography paradox
  • Boston Globe : Letters spurred theory about breast cancer deaths in blacks
  • Web MD : Can Breast Cancer Surgery Nurture New Tumors?
  • Medical News Today : The Black And White Of Breast Cancer Mortality
  • Doc Advocate : Cancer Surgery Concerns http://www.cancerdecisions.com/100508.html

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* Connecticut Post October 31, 2007