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Michael Retsky, principal of ELOPT, received a PhD in physics from University of Chicago in 1974. In addition to his physics activities, he also has a part time appointment as Lecturer in Surgery in the late Judah Folkman's Vascular Biology Department at Harvard Medical School.
A particular interest in medical research is the impact of surgery on tumor dormancy in breast cancer. Links and recent papers are contained in cancer research pages. This project benefited initially from a Phase I SBIR grant from NIH to make an expert system for breast cancer.
Michael and collaborators have had four invited reviews on breast cancer in 2007 including a paper in Nature - Clinical Practice of Oncology. His research has resulted in several press releases from Harvard Medical School and has been discussed in Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, and a number of popular websites.  ELOPT has benefited from five grants including a phase I SBIR from NIH (different from the one mentioned above).

Michael notes that "working and being productive in two widely diverse fields has not been easy but while I remain productive, each one is too important for me to stop. Cancer research work with my esteemed colleagues continues but emphasis is to produce and license inventions."

Electron Optics Development Co., LLC is a sole proprietership but has employed a number of experts and professionals as consultants.

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