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The Biggest Health Risks for Students

College is rarely associated with any health risks, and the reason is simple — the lack of awareness. Along with the numerous positive moments, studying in college brings danger to students’ well-being. When we say “health risks,” we imply both physical and mental health. The number of reasons causing health issues on campus is huge. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that the factor that will be stressful for one student won’t be such for another person. At the same time, all students will agree that academic workload plays a major role in how the students feel.

Nowadays, students may alleviate their burden by getting assistance from custom writing services, such as Speedy Paper. If you need professional help, use these SpeedyPaper discount codes to cut down your expenses on it. However, even the opportunity to order professional academic assistance doesn’t lower the rate of health issues among students.

Let’s explore the biggest health risks college students may face during their studies.


It’s an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord membranes caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other vermins. Meningitis is among the most widespread diseases of college students. Without proper treatment, this disease can be fatal, so college health services should do their best to inform as many students about it as possible.


If you think that being worried about something as a student is okay, you’re wrong. When you’re about to take the exam, and you feel the temporary flash of anxiety that resolves with time, it’s a normal thing. But if you feel anxiety too often for no apparent reason, you deal with the anxiety disorder. It’s a really serious problem. If you usually do the most difficult tasks till late at night and finally the thought "I’d better find an expert who can do my math homework online" wins you, don’t feel guilty for it. Assistance can save you from mental disorders.


It’s not just a health risk; it’s a direct threat to life. If you try to find the list of causes of students’ death, you’ll be shocked because suicide is the second-leading reason. They make such a decision not in one day and not in one month. The influence of several factors makes students commit suicide. Homesickness, difficulties with studying, bullying, loneliness, depression, and many other circumstances are considered to be the most widespread reasons for suicide.

Alcohol abuse

What student party can be without alcohol? Right, no one. Even those students who’d never drunk alcohol before entering the college start doing it there. Not all young people can control their desires and drink it on special occasions. Many of them opt for it to reduce stress and relax, giving rise to alcohol addiction.

Sleep disorders

College healthcare services continue stressing the importance of having enough sleep for students. We cannot say that students don’t understand it; they just have to ignore all recommendations to have enough time to improve their academic performance. The lack of sleep causes physical health problems and mental disorders, and it’s more important than grades. Never sacrifice your health for the sake of academics, order essay online cheap, and stay healthy.